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Indian music composer Ricky Kej wins his third Grammy for ‘Divine Tides’

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Ricky Kej, a Bengaluru-based music composer, has received his third Grammy Award for the album “Divine Tides.” The drummer of the renowned British rock band ‘The Police’, Stewart Copeland, who collaborated with the US-born musician on the album, shared the award with him.

The duo won the gramophone award for best immersive audio album at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. For the same album last year, they received a Grammy in the best new age album category.

The Chainsmokers (‘Memories… Do Not Open’), Jane Irabloom (‘Picturing The Invisible- Focus 1’), Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondeheimsolistene (‘Tuvahyun – Beatitudes for a Wounded World’), and Christina Aguilera were the other nominees in this category.

“Divine Tides,” a tribute to the beauty of our natural world, features artists from all across the world. The 9 songs on this album and its 8 music videos were shot in locations all over the world, from the breath-taking Indian Himalayas to Spain’s icy forests. This critically acclaimed album aims to deliver the message that “each individual life plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance that serves all equally”.

When he was nominated, Kej had stated, “It is an absolute honour to be nominated a second time for a Grammy Award for our album ‘Divine Tides’. Although my music is cross-cultural, it has always had strong Indian roots and I am extremely proud that Indian music has been recognised and shortlisted for this prestigious award by The Recording Academy. This nomination encourages me further and solidifies my belief to continue making music that can inspire positive social impact.”

Ricky is the 4th Indian and the youngest person from India to have won a Grammy Award. In 2015, Kej won his first Grammy for “Winds of Samsara,” which was nominated for best new age album.

American musician and composer Stewart Copeland, is a five-time Grammy Award winner. The British rock group “The Police,” which has sold over 75 million albums worldwide, was founded by him and he also serves as its drummer.

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