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Indian Railways Station Development Corporation Ltd To Develop Small City Centres At Major Stations

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Railways issued tenders last month for the construction of rail arcades to engage

In a recent developmental initiative the Indian Railways has envisioned a plan to build small city centre hubs at railway stations in major cities. These hubs will contain shopping plazas and food courts for the entertainment of the travellers.

The first two smart city centres are proposed to be built in Bangalore and Chandigarh. The state-run Indian Railways Station Development Corporation Ltd (IRSDC) issued tenders last month to develop the small city centre that will let residents of the two cities and travellers “to engage, use the facilities and spend quality time”. According to the tender, potential bidders will not be allowed to sell beef, pork or alcohol at these centres.
The proposed arcade zone for KSR Bengaluru railway station will be spread across 15,550 square feet while Chandigarh railway station’s arcade will be half this size, 7,500 sq ft. “The space is to be developed as an experience zone with presence of brands,” said the tender document issued by IRSDC, the dedicated company set up by the government to upgrade railway stations. The construction and setting of the Rail Arcades is a part of a larger plan to monetize the national carrier’s land parcels and railway stations in a bid to shore up its falling revenue. The IRSDC is also working to transform railway station areas into a ‘Railopolis’, a mini smart city hub with mixed- use development.

Source: The story has been published from Hindustan Times with a few edits by the ArdorComm News
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