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Inter-Services Organizations Bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha as Centre seeks to upgrade the commander in chief’s powers

The Union government will bring a new bill into the lower house of parliament on Wednesday that will upgrade the authority of the officer-in-command or commander-in-chief of inter-services organisations.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will introduce the Inter-Services Organizations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023 in the Lok Sabha, according to official sources. The bill aims to uphold order and “ensure proper discharge of duties among the personnel attached under them,” according to a government note.

In addition, the second batch of supplementary demands for grants for 2022–23, which includes spending for the rest of the current fiscal year, is anticipated to be discussed and voted on by the Lok Sabha.

The budget for Jammu and Kashmir for 2023–2024 will also be discussed in the lower house of Parliament. The house will debate and vote on the requests for funds for J&K for 2023–2024. Also, the Parliament will consider and vote on the supplementary demands for funds for J&K for 2022–2023.

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