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KisanKonnect Revolutionizes Farm-to-Fork with India’s First Digital Farmers Market

KisanKonnect, an integrated ‘farm-to-fork’ company, has introduced India’s first digital farmers market called ‘Aapka Apna Farmers Market’ through its app. The initiative, inaugurated by wellness advocate Shilpa Shetty Kundra, links 5,000 farmers from Maharashtra directly to consumers in Mumbai and Pune.

By eliminating intermediaries, KisanKonnect reduces wastage and ensures fair prices for both farmers and urban consumers. The company’s proprietary technology, Kisan-Trace, offers complete information about the farm, farming practices, and growing location of the vegetables to consumers even before purchase, promoting transparency and trust.

Founded three years ago, KisanKonnect has established an advanced tech-enabled supply chain, serving more than three lakh urban consumers through its app and farm stores. The company follows ‘Responsible Agriculture Practices,’ prioritizing soil improvement, using biofertilizers instead of chemicals, and providing farmers with scientific Agronomy inputs for better crop productivity. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty-Kundra has recently invested in the start-up, further endorsing its vision.

Nidhi Nirmal, Co-founder, and Chief Business Officer of KisanKonnect, highlighted the importance of consumers knowing the source of their food for confidence in its quality. The partnership between KisanKonnect and urban consumers in Mumbai and Pune aims to connect conscious consumers with farmers who practice responsible farming methods, ensuring the delivery of fresh produce directly from the farm to their homes.

KisanKonnect’s farm-fresh vegetables and fruits can be accessed through their website and mobile app (KisanKonnect Farm Fresh Produce). The company has garnered trust and preference from customers who appreciate its commitment to quality and sustainable agriculture practices.


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