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Kumar Chandan Anand, Founder and CEO of ArdorComm Media Group, Reflects on the Media Venture’s Journey and Aspires to Become the Largest Voice of Community Empowerment in India

“We aspire to bring the community stakeholders on a common platform and open the doors for networking and collaboration. We want to emerge as the largest media voice of the community”, said Kumar Chandan Anand, Founder, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at ‘ArdorComm New Normal- Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ held in Pune, Maharashtra on 24th November 2023.

ArdorComm Media Group has recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary, you are spreading across India, tell us about your journey so far and how you’ve emerged as a growing media group?

Our journey has been a challenging yet exhilarating rollercoaster ride. Through leaps and bounds, we’ve celebrated numerous successes as well as a few failures. I have enjoyed the journey of success & learned from failures. With 17-18 years of rich experience in the media industry, I then ventured into opening our own media start-up and named this organization ‘ArdorComm Media’. This was during the second wave of COVID, in a situation of uncertainty & challenges, we overcame hurdles and identified it as the opportune moment to commence our own Media Venture. We were connected with the stakeholders in the tech segment in the communities of healthcare, education, human resources, media, entertainment, art & in government sector. We tried to bring all the community stakeholders on a common platform and opened the doors for networking and collaboration.

After having a good experience working with renowned media houses in the country and having exposure to regional dailies (vernaculars) & English newspapers, we thought to enter into the Digital space. The motto of our organization is to empower communities with socio-digital transformation. We want to become the Media voice for these 5 communities.

As an overview how do you see this journey as a major achievement?

Entrepreneurship will develop only when you have experience working in various companies, where you understand the hierarchy, the roles & responsibilities, and the responsibility of chasing targets & delivering them on time. How are you contributing to making your company happy, and your clients & stakeholders happy, that comes with a lot of experience & expertise. When your journey goes into that space & when you are very focused on what you have to become, then, you spend that time enthusiastically & willingly.

I was very closely working with the editorial team, advertisement & sales team. So, I know both sides of the table. Also, readership plays a very crucial & important role and everything in today’s scenario is driven by content. If you publish fresh & new content, readers-listeners-viewers get engaged with you & they also motivate you to ask about your next content, blog, or story. Then you feel good about when they like your efforts & work.

How do you see ArdorComm Media thriving in India in the upcoming years?

As an entrepreneur, my vision for ArdorComm Media involves going deep into the segments, I want to go regional, exploring more cities, and more states. I aspire to invite stakeholders across various domains to our platform to share their experience & knowledge. The ultimate goal for ArdorComm Media is to emerge as the largest media voice of the community, playing a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the overall growth and development of the industry and society. We want to learn with them, we want to grow with them.

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