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Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor, Shobhit University, Shares Insights on Education and Vision for India’s Future

“We had been Vishwa Guru, we have to be Vishwa Guru, and we will be Vishwa Guru,” says Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor, Shobhit University in an Interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSANewDelhi #ELSAGurugram

How are you feeling to witness the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Delhi?

It’s wonderful. I must congratulate the organization for the second anniversary as well. Very successful indeed. And this New Normal, actually, this term started during COVID. But today’s New Normal is that people should come together and collaboratively we should start doing a lot of things. And I am happy that Chandan and his team are doing a wonderful job. I was really impressed to see a very diversified audience of speakers, and especially meeting the Honourable Education Minister from Nagaland who is a celebrity on social media. Otherwise also, he’s trying to put Nagaland on the main map of education in the country. So, I congratulate everybody who is associated, and I wish this organization a lot of success. It’s good to see them in Delhi, looking forward to many more such opportunities.

Kindly highlight some important initiatives which you are taking in Shobhit University.

The main thing today, if we look at, is what is happening in the educational ecosystem in the country. As I was mentioning during my address also, the new education policy has come, and in the last three years, we are trying to reach to the last man. ‘Antyodaya’ the word I used and I’m using it again that up to the last man, education has to be there, holistic development of the youth has to be there, integration with the industry has to be there, and the skill sets have to be changed so that the industry and academy alliance is there. And this is all that in our university is happening, entrepreneurship, skill development, a lot of startups, research, innovation, what not. And I’m really happy that throughout the country, the same thing is happening again and again, and these platforms they gave us a reason to disseminate what is happening and to learn from our peers.

According to you, what should be the vision of India for the education sector?

The vision has already been set. We had been Vishwa Guru, we have to be Vishwa Guru, and we will be Vishwa Guru.

Any message for ArdorComm Media?

Keep up the same spirit. Do what you are doing. You are doing really good.

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