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Madhya Pradesh Government Takes Stringent Measures to Halt Exam Paper Leaks

In a resolute move to tackle the persistent issue of exam paper leaks, Rao Uday Pratap Singh, the Minister of School Education in Madhya Pradesh, announced on Monday that the state government is set to enact a robust law. Addressing reporters in Bhopal following the live broadcast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Pariksha Pe Charcha” program, the minister outlined the government’s determination to address the challenge head-on.

Singh emphasized the introduction of a comprehensive system aimed at preventing leaks of school examination papers. “We are going to introduce a system to prevent the leak of (school) examination papers. No one will be able to make question papers available to students. Students need to be alert. We have tightened up the system,” said Singh.

The government’s plan includes ensuring that examination papers reach designated centers without any leaks. Singh underscored their commitment by stating, “We will bring a stringent law to ensure that no person, including the in-charge of examination centers, involved in such malpractices, can escape.”

The proposed law will extend its reach to cover any issues within the government system, bringing such acts under the ambit of criminal activity. Singh affirmed the government’s intention to introduce this legislation in the assembly in the coming time, signaling a strong stance against malpractices in examinations.

Addressing concerns about students accessing exam papers through social media platforms, Singh urged students to stay away from such channels involved in criminal practices. He highlighted the potential criminality of these actions, emphasizing the need for students to remain vigilant.

As part of the commitment to creating a conducive examination environment, Singh assured that the MP School Education Department would ensure that students appear for exams in a “tension-free” atmosphere. The government’s proactive measures underscore its determination to uphold the integrity of the examination process and ensure fair opportunities for all students.

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