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Madhya Pradesh Govt to present paperless ‘e-Budget’ on March 1

On March 1, the Madhya Pradesh government will introduce an electronic budget for the first time in the state assembly. MLAs will receive tabs to read the proposals and department schemes rather than hard copies of the budget. The copies of the 2019 budget were given to MLAs along with pen drives.

The state budget’s planning is almost finished, and authorities are working to give it its final form. Authorities stated that in addition to the departmental budget books being published, the e-budget will also be presented in the House for regular reference throughout the year.

While the state budget for the previous year was over Rs 2.79 lakh crore, this year’s budget is anticipated to be in the range of Rs 3 lakh crore. Officials expected a ten percent increase. There would be announcements regarding farmers and women in the budget because it is an election year. The state government would also be concentrating on capital expenditures along the lines of the Union budget.

At an expert presentation on the Union Budget 2023–24 for the state budget on February 6, the CM had stated that more than Rs 48,000 crore would be spent on infrastructure development. In the previous budget, a total of about Rs 44,000 crore was allocated to this category.

Similarly, on February 3, the government had introduced the Ladli Bahna Yojana. A total of Rs 12,000 crore will be spent annually and Rs 60,000 crore in 5 years under the scheme. The budget would include funding for the programme because it would be a significant new programme this year.

Announcements for farmers will be made in the budget, and it is expected that the state government will grant interest-free loans to provide relief. Fisheries have been given importance by the Indian government, and the state budget is likely to take this in mind as it details its proposals to the House.

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