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Mahesh Choudhary
Mahesh Choudhary

Mahesh Choudhary, Chairman, Mayur Children Senior Secondary School, Rajasthan highlights on the digital transition of education

“The children forget about the main ethics of education and there’s a lot of usage of mobile and this also have a negative effect,” says Mahesh Choudhary, Chairman, Mayur Children Senior Secondary School in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

You have been witnessing the event since morning, according to you what are the outcomes and learning from these symposiums?

The main thing I saw here that all the person who came here are very dignified and well educated and that’s why we can get the best outcome here that’s why I came here. I already searched a lot about this before the event and I got to know that lots of big personalities from education sector came here and everyone have to get a lot of knowledge from here, the good things from here, that’s why it’s a great event.

As we’ve seen a transition from the traditional education system to e-learning or digital education, can you share any example of what has been the benefit of it in your school?

First of all, I come from the rural background and our schools are in the rural area of Nagaur, Rajasthan. In the online there are pros and cons about everything, the traditional education has their own perspective and online education have their own perspective but after this era of covid and the new normal, the new education policy as well, we tried a lot to digitalize the education in our villages in our schools but there are also some negatives of online education. The children forget about the main ethics of education and a lot of usage of mobile and this also have a negative effect. The positive effect is that two and three years in the covid era we got to educate our children via digital medium if there was no digitalization then everything could have got vanished. That’s why positive and negative both perspectives were there in a traditional era and in this digital era.

As we are gathering at New Normal Education Leadership Summit, according to you what is the word New Normal stand for?

The main thing is artificial intelligence we are all aware of, but there is one thing which have to be taken care of is the mental health of children. We have to guide our teachers as well as students about the mental health and a peaceful mind, how can we define a peaceful mind and all of these things. In this new normal everything is going to be best when the new education policy will be totally implemented.

In these kinds of events where we have the academicians, edtech players as well as representation from the government, what is an outcome of these event for you?

A lot of things we can learn from these kinds of events and surely, I am very thankful to you guys to invite us here and these events are like a coordinator in between an institute and a company, digital companies and any platform, that’s why we can meet as school and as an online platform and it’s very good to know about different things here.

Recently our media organization has just completed one and a half years of existence we celebrated anniversary any message would you like to give to ArdorComm Media Group?

You guys are going on a great path like these kinds of events you are having, it’s great especially in this new normal after a lot of hectic covid time, you guys are taking initiative for the education. You are doing very great work and have a bright future, thank you so much.

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