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Maldives Government Suspends Ministers Over Derogatory Remarks Against PM Modi

The Maldives government took swift action on Sunday, suspending three ministers—Mariyam Shiuna, Malsha Shareef, and Mahzoom Majid—over their derogatory remarks against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The controversial statements triggered a significant backlash, prompting former presidents, including Mohammad Nasheed and Ibrahim Solih, to demand immediate action against the ministers.

In a statement issued earlier on the same day, the Maldives government distanced itself from the remarks, categorizing them as ‘personal opinions.’ India had firmly conveyed its disapproval, labeling the comments by junior lady minister Mariyam Shiuna as uncalled for and unacceptable.

Expressing concern over the use of hateful language, former president Ibrahim Solih emphasized the enduring friendship between India and the Maldives. He urged the government to prevent such remarks from negatively impacting the age-old relationship between the two countries.

Former Maldives foreign minister Abdulla Shahid echoed the sentiment, condemning the derogatory remarks made by the ministers on social media. He called for stern action against the officials, emphasizing the reprehensible and odious nature of their comments.

The ministers’ remarks have sparked widespread outrage on social media, with not only citizens but also celebrities, including film stars, condemning the Maldivian leaders for their hate-filled rhetoric against PM Modi.

This incident comes at a delicate time as Maldives President Mohammad Muizzu is in Beijing seeking funds. President Muizzu, a Sunni Salafi Muslim leader, won the November elections by advocating for the removal of Indian troops from the Maldives. The suspension of the ministers underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining diplomatic decorum and preserving relations with India amid ongoing financial negotiations in Beijing.

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