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Mandatory verification for online gamers is being proposed by the Govt

-By ArdorComm News Network

In the recently released proposal of online gaming regulations, the government has suggested a self-regulatory framework, player verification requirements, and physical Indian addresses for online gaming companies.

“Self-regulatory bodies will be registered with the ministry (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) and may register online games of such online gaming intermediaries who are its members and which meet certain¬†criteria,” the notice stated. These organisations will also handle concerns through a grievance resolution process. The proposed revisions are intended to meet the aforementioned need and promote responsible expansion of the online gambling industry.

The revised version assumes that any intermediary for online gaming will exercise the due diligence required by the rules, including making reasonable efforts to prevent its users from hosting, displaying, uploading, publishing, transmitting, or sharing any online game that is in violation of Indian law, including any gambling or betting laws.

By placing a registration mark on all online games registered by a self-regulatory body and informing users of its withdrawal or refund of deposit policy, method of calculating and distributing winnings, fees and other costs due, and KYC procedure for user account registration, the proposed regulations mandate additional due diligence for companies.

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