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MCA21: Its version 3.0 online portal first phase being launched

The first phase of the data analysis-based version of MCA21, which was India’s first missionmode e-governance project, got virtually launched on Monday, by Anurag Thakur, minister of state for finance corporate Affairs. The new MCA21 version 3.0 will be implemented in two phasesand is expected to be launched by October 2021. In the first phase, there are revamped websites, new email services for MCA officers, and two new modules, namely, eBook and e-consultation. MCA2.0 V3.0 was a part of this year’s budget plan. It also leverages the use of new technologies for streamlining the corporate compliance and stakeholders’ experience. Here, MCA21 is an online portalfor the Ministry of corporate affairswhich is making all the company-related information accessible to different stakeholders and the general public. The MCA 21 was initially launched in 2006. Under the MCA21 the e-consultation module will facilitate virtual public consultation of proposed amendments and new legislation, which will be introduced by MCA at a specific time interval. It will also use Artificial Intelligence for compiling, grouping, and categorizing comments/inputs received from the stakeholders and it will create an analytical report for quick policy decision making.


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