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National Career Service portal lists 35.7 lakh vacancies for 2022–2023

Employers reported over 35.7 lakh vacancies on the National Career Service (NCS) portal during 2022–23, which is a significant increase from the 13 lakh vacancies reported during 2021–22.

The reporting of vacancies on NCS in 2022–2023 showed a 175% rise from 2021–2022 in comparison. Also, as of October 30, 2022, the number of active openings in 2022–23 was at its highest, at more than 5.3 lakh.

Throughout all industries, there has been an upsurge in job postings on NCS. With 20.8 lakh vacancies in 2022–23 compared to 2.2 lakh vacancies in 2021–22, the finance and insurance sector has experienced extraordinary growth of more than 800%.

With 3.75 lakh open positions reported in 2022–23, up from 76,000 in 2021–22, the sector of operations and support has also seen a 400% increase in job openings. The number of openings in industries like manufacturing, health, education, and hospitality increased significantly between 2022 and 2023 compared with the previous year.

The NCS portal registered more than one million employers since its introduction in 2022–2023, which was another milestone. Around eight lakh employers out of the total number of registered employers were registered in 2022–2023.

Employers from the service industry registered the most (6.5 lakh), followed by those from the manufacturing sector.

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