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PM Modi’s Third Term: Blueprint for First 100 Days Revealed

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has convened discussions with his Council of Ministers to strategize the agenda for the first 100 days of his government’s potential third term, focusing on sustaining economic growth. The roadmap, dubbed Viksit Bharat (Developed India) by 2047, outlines ambitious goals across various sectors.

While specifics of the plan remain undisclosed, insiders suggest a comprehensive strategy encompassing economic growth, sustainable development, infrastructure enhancement, and social welfare initiatives. This initiative comes amidst preparations for the upcoming General Elections, set to engage 978 million voters across seven phases.

Traditionally, the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) period witnesses a policy lull, with caretaker governments refraining from major decisions. However, PM Modi aims to maintain economic momentum during this phase, ensuring a seamless transition post-elections.

The proposed agenda aligns with India’s growth trajectory, with an estimated 7.6% GDP growth projected for FY 2023–24. To fully address post-pandemic challenges, the government emphasizes employment generation, private sector investment, and rural development.

Anil K. Sood, a Professor, stresses the need for robust policy measures to enhance youth employment opportunities, advocating for government-led initiatives in critical sectors. Similarly, Vinay K. Srivastava, an Associate Professor, underscores the importance of boosting private consumption and quality infrastructure investment.

While awaiting detailed specifics, the government’s focus on economic revitalization and sustainable development sets the tone for its anticipated third term. Clarity on long-term priorities is anticipated with the presentation of the full Budget for 2024-25 in July.

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