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Prasar Bharati News Services chooses AWS to expand its digital news service

-By ArdorComm News Network

Prasar Bharati News Services (PBNS) has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and extend its vast network, which includes over 240 live radio channels, including live news and entertainment programmes.

By switching to AWS, PBNS will have the compute power, dependability, and scalability to deliver news to more than 894 million viewers and listeners in more than 190 countries with ease. The goal of PBNS’s digital transformation is to better engage its target audience, particularly younger viewers and listeners, by offering cutting-edge digital content formats.

“At Prasar Bharati News Services, we have a responsibility to provide timely and accurate news. We inform and educate the public about India’s development and cultural diversity.” According to Samir Kumar, Head of PBNS and Digital Platform at Prasar Bharati, “AWS is instrumental to PBNS’s digital transformation roadmap, helping us reach existing and new audiences, who consume content digitally,”

“With AWS, we have the reliability and scalability to distribute news across the nation at speed, constantly updating our growing audience with trusted information, even during peak periods. We are confident that our cloud-first approach to creating, transforming, and delivering digital content quickly, enabled by AWS, will help us continue to make information more accessible and relevant to the growing requirements of our audience. Using the cloud, PBNS drives its mission to be a trusted public broadcaster by innovating our operations, driving content reforms, and delivery.”

As more people watch and listen to podcasts and other digital news items online and on mobile apps, India’s media sector is changing quickly. AWS is honoured to support Prasar Bharati News Services’ mission to be a leader in delivering trustworthy news and information across India in the digital age, according to Pankaj Gupta, Leader – Public Sector Enterprises and Government, Healthcare, AISPL, AWS India and South Asia. Media and entertainment companies are among the major users of cloud services. “With AWS, Prasar Bharati can change the way it creates, manages, and distributes content to audiences—both old and new—locally and globally,” he added.

Before switching to AWS, PBNS hosted its applications with a co-location IT service provider and experienced high latency, which led to performance and availability problems, including website outages and jerky video streaming. The dissemination of news and the viewing experience were both substantially impacted by this. To transform the way it delivers content, such as live-streaming it and distributing it across platforms like YouTube, PBNS required a broad set of cloud capabilities, from scalable compute and storage resources to content development, administration, and archiving.

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