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Pritam Kumar Agrawal, Founder & Director, Hello Kids Preschool & Riverstone School emphasizes on the early childhood education as envisaged in NEP 2020

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“After seeing 16 years of education in this industry in terms of Early Childhood, I’ve been traveling across the country and I’ve seen that it was very difficult to make the parents aware that what is the importance of that first six years,” says Pritam Kumar Agrawal, Founder & Director, Hello Kids Preschool & Riverstone School in an interview with Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAGujarat #ELSAAhmedabad

How do you think the early childhood education reached and what is again a dent which you feel that should be addressed in early childhood education?

The thing is when we talk about early childhood education there was a proud moment during this covid times the government of India has recognized us as a part of the foundation years and after these 34 years the Early Childhood has given a space in the compulsory education space which is, it will be a mandatory for the children below the age of six years that they’ll be attending preschools and then mention it in the new education policy 2020 that there should be a part of this Foundation years. Now in the last 16 years it was struggling for us to tell people about how important the early childhood years are. Way back in 2005 when I was doing my first preschool in Bangalore I went to Google and I was checking about all this and when I was doing my research I found that without a right early childhood education there were a lot of problems which has been addressed throughout the world and which even talks about that even without a good early education even a child is going to drop out from the school they may not be attending the schools they may not be attending colleges they may be having criminal records they may be not physically and mentally well for their life. So, after seeing 16 years of education in this industry in terms of Early Childhood I’ve been traveling across the country and I’ve seen that it was very difficult to make the parents aware that what is the importance of that first six years. First six years means the 80 to 90% of the brain develops in between the zero to six years and we have to give that importance. And with this pandemic even we say that with these two years of education we have lost and we have lost nothing but we are going to have a long-term implication for the same thing. Parents are going to face this child is going to face it so it is not that ABCD, it is not that one to ten it is that early foundation level which has to be very strong and coming to a forum like this I thank ArdorComm Media and Chandan and Ashish now that all these platforms are giving us understanding that what is happening across the world, across the nation and what our seniors, mentors talks about in terms of Early Childhood or higher education because we need to upgrade ourselves to the next grade of Education. Also coming to technology in this part yes technology in terms of training, technology in terms of safety and technology in terms of management that is anyway we are all doing it but now after pandemic we are able to see technology in terms of academically how strong we are going to use it in a long year. Be it assessment be it is updating the databases of the child and tracking the child not from a school level to a graduate level or to a career level but yes from the early childhood to that KG that is PG from play group to the post-graduation level how we can have that data and utilize it for the future references so that is how my learning goes.

Any message for the people who are willing to have their hands as a business of having a preschool owner what message and or what are the two three pointers which you say when while selecting a brand for taking a franchisee?

Chandan it is very clear that preschool was unorganized and even I say 20 to 30 percent of preschool industry is organized in the country right now 2020 data says that this industry is growing at a rate of 30 to 35 percent but not exactly after this pandemic but yes it is a 30,000 crore rupees of Industry which some of the research companies has given and after this new education policy this industry has tremendous growth in this country so definitely this is the right choice. There are a lot of investment we are expecting in this segment. Now who wants to come in terms of business as a challenges new education policy will give another edge but yes regulations will come into picture and even the good quality of schools, new curriculums coming in CBSE giving importance, ICSE coming up with their curriculums will definitely help our industry to grow much faster than any other educational institutes in the country.

How does this kind of forums help overall industry to grow where we see the preschool people the school people the technology partners and even the government what is the outcome of such forums or how the outcome of certain forums should be?

When we come to you as a delegate or a speaker we are able to meet people from the industry and now not only this part of using the services or meeting our mentors let’s say we all the seniors are like mentors we talk to them this is what we are planning this is what we are doing this we are trying to do they do guide us that there are this product available this is the way you should do so that is first thing is networking second thing is availability of the new products in terms of technology in terms of non-technological products where we are able to talk to them and find out what is the new development has happened. I am ready to take the development now or if I am not taking it now I know that there are two three companies which I have seen it at Ahmedabad and that is at the back of the mind we have started thinking about it so this kind of forum is again exchanging your ideas, listening to the seniors and when you are talking to seniors this means he is really guiding you he will never say wrong or right he will definitely say this should be the right way to do this so here we again check ourselves also which you are using at your school and I am planning to do this should I go ahead and do this even we can check as a references at this kind of places.

Any message or any good wishes you would like to give to ArdorComm Media, we have just celebrated our one years of existence?

So, very fond of ArdorComm Media and you Chandan specifically and Ashish, the way you people have done it best wishes and we make sure that our presence will be there for all the future events and looking forward for the next event at Jaipur.


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