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Prof. Ambrish Sharan Vidhyarthi, Vice Chancellor, Bikaner Technical University Rajasthan elaborates on the transformation and vision of the university ahead.

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I’m trying to revamp the academic reforms, says Prof. Ambrish Sharan Vidhyarthi, Vice Chancellor, Bikaner Technical University Rajasthan in an interview with Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media Group.
What are your views on the socio-economic transformation in the education sector?
Socio economical and emotional intelligence and the divide which we are facing in the current scenario, it’s basically if we look at our education systems during the historic times, in the gurukul we have people like Lord Rama and the Kevat, where all together was studying. What happens in the next, Dwapad you know, we have excluded the Eklavya and Arjuna and made this. So if you think of both this divisions, Ram rajya was established because of the inclusion of all the people and the Mahabharat happens when we have started making the distinguish between the people so if we want to attain our own glory in education like the Vishwa guru, I think that we have to go back to the Rama stage and that would be good enough and we as a University, we have all the opportunities and we have to put the efforts to make that happen to the Treta Yug or Sata Yug.
Under your leadership how has Bikaner Technical University been transformed and what are your vision going forward?
Well my thinking is that I should play a key role in understanding the student’s need. If we can make the students so versatile in the thinking, so humble in the nature and so dedicated towards the work and the duties and the society, then definitely we would be able to produce a good quality of citizens and that’s the aim of the university and I’m trying to revamp the academic reforms, whatever is possible but at the same time I am very happy to tell you that this university has already started to inculcate the human values in our students and we are the leader, we have given around training to 70000 students including the teachers in which around 40000 teachers are now well trained to give the human values to the students.
What are the takeaways of an event or a networking gathering like this, ELSA 2021?
In my opinion definitely, it has sensitized the need of the hour and this will be beneficial to the entire education world, where the people can appreciate the ideas which has been discussed over here. So, I congratulate you for holding this kind of event and this should be happening not only on year basis, it should be more frequent.

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