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Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Sinha, Vice Chancellor, Sandip University, Emphasizes on implementation of NEP 2020

“In today’s scenario practical learning is far more important than theoretical learning,” said Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Sinha, Vice Chancellor, Sandip University in an interview at “ArdorComm New Normal- Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023” held in Pune, Maharashtra on 24th November 2023.

How is Sandip University implementing the New Education Policy, and what progress has been made in the process?

The implementation of the New Education Policy at Sandip University is marked by a commitment to innovative teaching and learning methodologies. The university has embraced research-based learning, personalized learning, and project-based learning to meet the contemporary need for practical education over theoretical knowledge. Recognizing the significance of practical learning in today’s scenario, the institution is actively engaging in collaborations with other countries. This international exchange program involves sharing teachers and students to facilitate the mutual learning of diverse teaching techniques. The emphasis on personalized learning is particularly noteworthy, ensuring that teachers understand the ‘what,’ ‘when,’ and ‘why’ of their instruction, while students can gauge their comprehension effectively.

What was the overall takeaway from this event?

The event organized by ArdorComm has proven to be a valuable platform for Sandip University, providing a conducive environment for in-depth discussions on the future of education. The creation of multiple panels and a structured setup facilitated the exchange of diverse views, suggestions, and ideas. This collaborative space allowed participants to delve into the possibilities and challenges of evolving educational paradigms, contributing to the collective growth of the academic community.

Any testimony for the ArdorComm Media?

Extending wishes and appreciation to the organizing committee of ArdorComm Media, I express gratitude for orchestrating such a wonderful event. The seamless organization and execution of the event not only provided an enriching experience but also created a platform for meaningful discussions and networking. Best wishes for the continued success of ArdorComm Media in fostering educational dialogues and advancements in the future.

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