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ServiceNow Launches India Innovation Centre to Empower Enterprises with Advanced Technologies and Digital Expertise

ServiceNow has announced the launch of its India Innovation Centre, a digital incubation hub aimed at empowering Indian enterprises to redefine their work processes with the help of advanced technologies like GenAI, hyperautomation, and low-code apps. Located in Knowledge City, Hyderabad, the innovation center provides purpose-built rooms where companies can develop custom digital blueprints to scale their business strategies.

The facility will also host on-demand training sessions in collaboration with academia, customers, and partners to enhance the digital skills of Indian citizens. The opening ceremony was attended by Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of IT, Government of Telangana, who commended ServiceNow’s commitment to augmenting Indian enterprises and Hyderabad’s reputation as a technology hub.

Kamolika Gupta Peres, Vice President & Managing Director of ServiceNow Indian Sub-Continent, highlighted the significance of the Innovation Centre in facilitating direct conversations between customers and ServiceNow engineers. The Hyderabad-based Innovation Centre is the company’s largest development center outside the USA, contributing significantly to ServiceNow’s global product development cycle.

Indian enterprises have increasingly embraced ServiceNow solutions to address productivity challenges and establish robust digital businesses. The company serves leading technology providers, top banks, and has witnessed rapid growth in the public sector since the launch of its local data centers in 2022. With over 15 percent of its global workforce based in India, ServiceNow prioritizes investing in the country’s broader ecosystem to equip people with digital skills.

Sumeet Mathur, Vice President & Managing Director of ServiceNow India Technology & Business Centre, emphasized that the new innovation center will act as a collaborative briefing center, enabling customers to explore the value that ServiceNow can bring to their organizations.

With Hyderabad serving as ServiceNow’s largest product development site, the center presents an opportunity for developers to directly engage with end-users, leading to greater efficiency and innovation. Additionally, ServiceNow’s RiseUp program has partnered with ten academic and government institutions in India, committing to train over 5,500 students in digital skills. The company plans to expand its educational partnerships and further enhance its training initiatives in the country.

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