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Simplifying pre-school education with Shanti Juniors chain of pre-schools

“Education has been hampered severely over the last few years during pandemic and in today’s era parenting for children up to 8 years also becomes very tough and adrift without the right preschool partner. Above all Children are evolving faster than we can imagine. Children are consuming knowledge from every aspect of their life. Bad or good, you can’t stop the flow of information in their lives. Their brain is a clean slate, and they’re hungry to scribble over it, which can impact their upcoming life significantly. There are no filters to the information freely available, and every detail adds to their being human. That’s why Holistic Education and approach can only redirect the child’s energy in the right direction,” said Dharmesh Kapasi – President of Shanti Juniors (The preschool division of Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited- SEIL). SEIL is a listed company, and Shanti Juniors has been successfully operating in 74 cities of India with 350+ Preschools since 2010. It has won more than 19 awards in various segments of early childhood education.

We started with 6 preschools in 2010 from Ahmedabad and dramatically expanded our chain in Pune, Bangalore, Patna, Jaipur, Chennai and other parts of Gujarat. Now, we’ve 350+ preschools across India. First of all, we’re not dealing with any commodity and service and we’re nurturing children and that’s why we’ve to be extra cautious and sensitive while nourishing this generation Alpha. To cope with them and utilise their energy for fruitful, positive and productive learning, we’ve invested millions on curriculum development and conceptual learning. We keep upgrading our aids and toys, student kits and other material so that a child is gripped well and their inquisitiveness is satisfied. So, adaptability and sustainability have been key learning for this segment.

Shanti Juniors has always focused on the holistic development of children through our unique teaching methodology called – The I-Cube Learning ladder, where the children’s Inquisitiveness is led to Interaction and later turns into Innovation. Our Preschool’s environment, Setup, Student Kit, Montessori toys and curriculum encourages child for self-exploration. Recently, we have added KIDDOWITTY kit with STEAM based approach to enhance the skill of a child blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into a DIY format.

We’re franchise-centric brand and to provide the best education to our children, the sustainability of our preschool partners becomes the highest paramount for us. We’ve simplified the preschool business; we’ve set up the process and SOPs; Shanti Juniors has been through many ups and downs, including the pandemic-induced challenges, which we have overcome strongly because we’re a process-driven organisation. Our support ecosystem comprises dedicated teams managing different roles like academics, marketing, admission support, and logistics, which comes together to handhold a franchise partner to empower them tremendously. Furthermore, we have formed various clubs based on their admissions numbers and offer varying privileges. These franchise partners who are now members of 100 clubs, 200 clubs, and 300 clubs were housewives, employees in some organisations, professionals from different backgrounds, and had no idea about operating a preschool earlier.

Shanti Juniors also have (JAL) Juniors App Learn, where we were able to divert the energy and attention of our children with our gamified curriculum which enhances the skills of recognition, sorting, identification and revision. It also encourages a child with appreciations, scoring points and applause & cheer on their achievement and it comes with the daily screen time limit lock.

Parents have understood the importance of Early Child Care & Education (ECCE) and they strongly prefer a branded preschool chain over the local preschools. As parents understand the importance of structured and scientific approach toward Early Child Care and Education. Happy for contributing to this beautiful journey of childhood celebration.

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