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Archit Bhatt


Managing Director
Tripada Group of Schools President, AOPS

Archit Bhatt is a distinguished entrepreneur and Edupreneur with over 18 years of expertise in the Construction and Education sectors. Starting as a junior assistant under renowned architect Mr. Vijay Patel, he garnered valuable experience on projects nationwide. In 1995, he founded Prant Estates Pvt. Ltd., showcasing his proficiency in construction and design engineering. Currently serving as the Managing Director of Tripada Group of Schools, known as “Tripada Parivar,” he has overseen the establishment of multiple campuses affiliated with different educational boards. As President of AOPS (Ahmedabad Organization of Principals and Supervisors), Mr. Bhatt actively contributes to the educational landscape. A Cambridge certified Master Trainer, he has played a pivotal role in mentoring teachers and establishing schools across Gujarat. Recognized by cultural groups and awarded for his contributions, Mr. Bhatt remains a visionary leader dedicated to enhancing the quality of education for societal betterment.