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Avjit Nair

Avijit Nair


Akemi Business School

Avjit Nair, CEO of the Akemi Group of Institutes in Pune, is a dedicated educationist and a decorated Air Force veteran. With a remarkable career spanning over 26 years, he has excelled in education administration, training, development, and guidance and counseling. Avjit is known for his expertise in leading and nurturing successful teams, aligning their efforts with organizational goals, and collaborating with key decision-makers to achieve consistent success. His social commitment is evident through his counseling interventions, especially during dire times of need, where he has been recognized for his tireless efforts and initiatives, notably during the Tsunami Relief Operations in 2005. Avjit Nair has also served as a visiting faculty member at the Centre for Cultural Resources & Training (CCRT). His diverse qualifications, including MA in English, MA in HR Development and Education, MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling, B.Ed., Diploma in Training and Development, and credentials from respected institutions like CRA (USA), SSLC (IIM A), and CBTT (USMS), reflect his commitment to lifelong learning. Avjit firmly believes that learning is a lifelong journey, and one should remain a learner until their last breath. In his current role as CEO of the Akemi Group of Institutions, Avjit Nair continues to make a significant impact on the field of education and its administration.