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Mahesh Kumar

Dr. L. Mahesh Kumar


St. Peter's Institute of Higher Education and Research

Dr. L. Mahesh Kumar is a seasoned professional in the field of Mechanical Engineering, contributing significantly for over 25 years to both teaching and research. His expertise lies in Manufacturing Technology, with a specialized focus on Metal forming, Metal Casting, and Machining. Having begun his career in various institutions in Bangalore, he later joined Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur, and eventually rose to the position of Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at St.Peter’s Engineering College, Chennai. Dr. Kumar further served as the Principal of SMK Fomra Institute of Technology, Chennai, and as the Director Academic at St.Peter’s University. His versatile engagement extends to being a visiting faculty at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. Notably, he is an active member of various professional bodies, Secretary of the Indian Institute of Production Engineers (Tamil Nadu Centre), and the Chief Executive Officer of St.Peter’s Engineering College-Technology Business Incubator. Beyond his engineering pursuits, Dr. Kumar is deeply connected to Bharata Natyam, having dedicated 45 years to the art, including 20 years of performing Nrithya Nivedana in two temples.