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Dr. Mahendra Sharma

Pro Chancellor & Director General (VC)
Ganpat University

Dr. Mahendra Sharma is the Vice Chancellor of Ganpat University and he is Professor of Management studies with Ph.D in Consumer Behaviour area. He specializes in Strategic Management, Rural & Retail Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management, Services Marketing & Consumer Behaviour. He has contributed immensely in launching Industry Focused Programs in emerging disciplines in collaboration with several reputed organizations. In particular, programs like Post Graduate Diploma in ERP Systems with triangular arrangement with SAP, Victoria University and Ganpat University is very unique program. Dr. Sharma has played a pioneering role in establishing several Centres of Excellence like; Establishment of first Japan India Institute of Manufacturing (with Maruti Suzuki) as a part of collaboration between Governments of India and Japan with first Automobile Assembly Line in a University set-up. He guided the implementation of ‘Choice Based Credit Semester System’, ‘Ph.D Guideline’, and ‘Examination reforms’. Dr. Sharma is a Chairman of GUNI – Incubation Centre. Under his visionary leadership the university has established a complete ecosystem (Pre-Incubation, Incubation & Growth Acceleration) of the Incubation Centre. He has successfully guided 22 M.Phil. and 7 Ph.D. dissertations. He is the recipient of several awards for his Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Education and innovative leadership.