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Dr. P. Chowdappa

Dr. Pallem Chowdappa did his Ph.D in 1985 from Mangalore university, and post doctoral research at CABI bioscience, U.K.

Chowdappa is specialized in molecular plant pathology and has over 30 years of research experience in molecular characterization and management of Alternaria , Colletotrichum and Phytophthora associated with diseases of horticultural crops.

Chowdappa was awarded DFID fellowship for Post-Doctoral research at CABI Bioscience, UK in 1998 where he worked on molecular characterization of Phytophthora associated diseases of plantation crops. He was awarded ‘British Society for Plant Pathology’ award in 2000 for the research work done on Phytophthora disease of cocoa. He won several awards and honors for his work on Phytophthora and biological control such as ‘Award of Excellence’ by Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore, ‘Sharada Lele Memorial award, KPV Menon award and Dasteur Memorial award’ by Indian Phytopathological Society.

He is member, project reviewing committee, the United States – Israel Bi-national Agricultural Research and Development Fund .