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Pooja Misal

Dr. Pooja Misal


Founder & Director
SMEF'S Brick Group of Institutes

Dr. Pooja Misal, the Founder and Director of SMEF’s Brick Group of Institutes, is a dynamic educational leader with a vision to transform the learning landscape in India. Her remarkable journey is shaped by her parents’ inspiration, the pivotal role of education in her life, and her relentless quest for knowledge.

Having earned an MBA from Cardiff, UK, Pooja further honed her skills by completing a course in Financial Management for non-profit organizations at Harvard University and a short course in Book Writing from City University, UK. Her commitment to learning remains unwavering.

At the age of 25, she embarked on the ambitious endeavour of establishing an institute tailored for progressive India. Under her visionary leadership, the institute continually evolves its curricula to meet global standards, fostering a hands-on learning environment that nurtures the designers of tomorrow.

Pooja’s impact extends beyond borders with the launch of BrickETC, a hybrid Ed-tech platform offering a diverse range of courses for school students. She envisions this platform as a cornerstone for students to shape their futures. Additionally, Pooja’s diverse involvement as an investor in a hospitality start-up and a member of the board of directors of Vidya Sahakari Bank in Pune showcases her commitment to multifaceted success.

A TEDx speaker, Pooja passionately motivates students to pursue their dreams and construct a sustainable future, making her a true beacon of inspiration.