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Dr. Ram Singh

Delhi Public School, Ranchi

Moulding global citizen has been his forte. Not only is he an educationist par excellence but a multi-faceted personality who has been working for the betterment of the society at large. For more than two and a half decades, shaping the future of the nation, his vision has been to reach out to the remote corners of the country to illuminate the children with education. A force to reckon with, Dr Ram Singh has taken firm and comprehensive steps resolutely for the upliftment of the society in general and students in particular.
Credit undoubtedly is to the remarkable leadership and far-sightedness of this stalwart educationist and administrator that he has several success-stories to his credit. Not only has he lead DPS Ranchi to the summits of glory, he also has been providing valuable direction as the President of Sahodaya Schools complex, playing the role of a motivator for students and teaching fraternity instilling confidence in them every-day. His clear intention is eradicating discrimination of all kinds and vision to serve the society throughout his life.