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Dr. Renuka Anvekar

Dr. Renuka D. Anvekar is a doctor of Ayurveda medicine who is also a Montessorian, passionate about early learning in children of age, and particularly interested in introducing mathematics to preschoolers in a manner that facilitates a joy of learning. She is also the Academic Head at Chrysaalis i-Maths India Pvt. Ltd., and has contributed to the development of the entire I Math curriculum.
Amidst her busy schedule as a doctor, she runs programs for moms-to-be and newborn babies. Has given a number of Television Shows and National radio talks on early learning and development of the growing brain. She is adept at public speaking on various topics ranging from health to early learning, Yoga, spirituality, and motivation.
Dr. Anvekar has over 3 decades of experience working with preschoolers as a doctor, counselor, and teacher. She is married to Dr. Dinesh K. Anvekar, a scientist and genius with more than 120 patents filed and pending.
She has a daughter who is an aerospace engineer who graduated with Honors from National Aerospace university/ KHARKIV Aviation Institute, UKRAINE. Her son is pursuing his Masters’s in Information Systems at IOWA State University, USA.