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Rishi Sayal

Dr. Rishi Sayal


Associate Director
Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus

Dr. Rishi Sayal is an accomplished professional with 33 years of experience encompassing Teaching, Consultancy, Training, and Software Industry roles. Currently serving as the Prof. & Associate Director at Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus in Hyderabad since December 2005, Dr. Sayal holds a Doctorate in Computer Science & Engineering from Mysore University (2013) and an M.Tech in IT, in addition to a B.E. in CSE. He is a prolific researcher with over 40 international conference papers and 30 journal publications, including Scopus-indexed and CSI journals. Dr. Sayal is an editor for prestigious journals, holds 5 patents, authored 2 books, and has secured significant research grants. He has also guided numerous postgraduate and undergraduate students, participated in various academic activities, and organized multiple international conferences and seminars, showcasing his dedication to the field of Computer Science and Engineering.