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Vijaya Puranik

Dr. Vijaya Puranik


Sinhgad Institute of Management And Computer Application, Pune

Dr. Vijaya Puranik is the Director of Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application in Pune. With a background in Electronics and Applied Physics, she initially worked as an engineer at ACE Electronics and later as a lecturer in Electronics. Driven by innovation, she developed stress management tools like the “Chronoscope Counter” and the “Optical Keyboard” for the manufacturing industry. Holding a Masters in Management Studies (MMS) and a Master’s in Personnel Management (MPM), she has dedicated 25 years to teaching management, specializing in OB, HRM, OD, and Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Puranik earned her Ph.D. from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai, focusing on an analytical study of leadership in diverse organizations. A Certified Psychometric Testing Professional and an expert in organizational development, she serves as a registered guide for doctoral work at Pune University and is a Board of Studies member. Her contributions extend to designing psychometric testing and counseling activities for MBA students over 15 years. With 22 research papers and authored books on Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Innovation Technology Management, Dr. Puranik is recognized for her expertise in behavioral sciences. She is a sought-after guest speaker at management institutes and has conducted training programs for senior managers, IAS officers, and cooperative sector managers. A life member of ISTD, Pune Management Association, Marathi Manas Shastra Parishad, and NHRD, she actively contributes to the academic and professional development landscape.