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Vishal Bhadani

Dr. Vishal Bhadani


Pro Vice - Chancellor
Lokbharti University for Rural Innovation

Dr. Vishal Bhadani, Vice Provost of Lokbharati University for Rural Innovation in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is a distinguished scholar with a PhD in English, offering a broad spectrum of knowledge. Having taught at renowned institutions like The MSU of Baroda, IITE Gandhinagar, and Marwadi University, he has also contributed to educational materials for esteemed publishers such as Cambridge University Press and Gujarat State School Textbook Board. Dr. Bhadani’s global impact is evident through the world’s first online course on Gandhian principles, titled “Gandhian Methods to Sustainable Living and Happiness,” hosted on Udemy, attracting 1250 students from 82 countries. His commitment to educational innovation extends to conducting workshops for parents and teachers nationwide. As an expert, he has contributed to various government projects and serves as a trustee of Gujarat Vidyapeeth. Notable among his bestselling books are “School Ane Tuition Sivayni Kelvani” (2021), “Vadhamana” (2022), and “Rural Innovation: A Workbook for Students” (2024).