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Anand Niketan Group of Schools

Kamal Mangal, the visionary founder of Anand Niketan Group of Schools, embarked on a transformative journey from a conventional businessman to an education leader. Since 1996, he has dedicated himself to realizing a profound vision: “return childhood to children.” With just 20 students initially, he established a socially acceptable environment where students, teachers, and parents could maximize their potential. Under his leadership, each Anand Niketan school follows the mission to nurture students like seeds, fostering joy, proficiency, and skill development. Mr. Mangal advocates for an environment where cooperation and joy of work prevail, emphasizing nurturing inherent values over stifling them in the name of education. His progressive and fearless approach drives collaborations with like-minded individuals, always seeking new horizons for the benefit of children—the primary stakeholders in his mission.