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Manjula V

Manjula V is a self-made entrepreneur who has a mission to make a difference. Her innovative social engineering “Quality Education to all” manifests through personal volunteering while harnessing CSR into the power of giving. Her enthusiasm is so inspiring that invokes spontaneous volunteerism from institutions whose demeanour has a clear indication of encouragement to her work. Her rise to prominence in such a short span of time is because of her strong will power, devotion, dedication, contemplation and leadership qualities. Right from the beginning till date of her career as a teacher, she has been passionate about empowering teachers and students with scientific temper and human values. Her urge to help and educate teachers made her pursue her education in the field of learning sciences and cognitive neuroscience. She has been rightly called the “Voice of the Teachers”. Her knowledge from education is received through Masters in Education, Science and Arts have been rightly channelized to empower the teachers and students. She has a multidisciplinary talent. The trajectory of her career shows that she is the President of the Board and Founder -Trustee of the Institute of Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation® steering the Teachers and students across the world. Her expertise is utilized by many educational institutions in various ways especially for training students, teachers, administrators & parents as well. Recently, she was honoured with South Indian Women Achievers Award 2019 at Chennai and the Real SuperWoman 2020 Award from STAR INDIA AWARDS-Fsia organization.