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Mr. Rohit Dingra

Rohit Dhingra is the Founder & CEO of Infinite Health Studios. He began his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2013 with Infinite Health Studios which is a corporate wellness organization providing comprehensive wellness through preventive & palliative healthcare solutions to various segments & strata of society. With his entrepreneurial entry, he has been engaged in different roles and departments of the organization. Being an avid learner, he always supports and boasts the upcoming talent and inculcates the same in the organization. Through his innate motivation to educate himself about the current wellness trends, Rohit has pushed boundaries in development to bridge the gap between the current covid situation, wellness/healthcare trends, and clients’ needs. He believes that there are infinite possibilities & explorations of various kinds, he wants to customize and be there across the country at every corner, measuring the need of customers and delivering with a price point that is acceptable and services are bundled with quality. His vision is “To be a one-stop healthcare and wellness service provider where all Insurance companies/Direct corporate clients can ask their employees and retail customers, with group customer portfolios, to adapt services at the convenience of their premises, engaging their respective family members and dependents as well” When not working, Rohit channels his energy into Yoga, playing table tennis, reading fiction. He also loves to travel and spend time in nature’s lap for rejuvenating himself.