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Ms. Upasana Arora


Director/ Board Member at Ethical Committee AHPI
Yashoda Supper Speciality Hospital

Ms. Upasana Arora is the Director of Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital and Board Member at Ethical Committee AHPI. Her passion lies in transforming healthcare in India by focusing on patient safety and affordable healthcare. As the CEO, she has worked relentlessly to ensure access to affordable healthcare for all, regardless of their socio-economic condition. Ms. Arora believes in the power of spirituality in enhancing well-being. This belief permeates in her work, helping her develop a culture of ethics and values at Yashoda to ensure a seamless patient experience by actively seeking patient feedback. She has also been active in working for women empowerment. Her efforts in promoting gender parity in healthcare are rooted in the belief that unlocking the potential of 50% of the nation’s workforce will not only empower women but also boost the growth of Indian economy. She is proud to say that these efforts has paid handsome dividends with the female staff outnumbering male staff at Yashoda.