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Pratima Sinha

DSR Educational Society

Pratima Sinha is the Chief Executive Officer of DSR Educational Society Hyderabad. She has three decades of progressive qualitative experience in the field of Education, across a wide gamut of functions such as Academic Audit, Curriculum Development & Planning, Teacher Training, Mentoring & Monitoring, School Operations & Finances and Setting up Schools.

Sinha holds a post-graduate degree in Education, with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Business English. She has done extensive research and developed modules in Teaching Pedagogy and English Enhancement Programme for adults.

Sinha has headed schools with CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge and IB programmes and she has held the position of Regional Academic Head with Pearson Education. She is an EDEXCEL (Pearson Teacher Training) Certified Trainer. She is also on the advisory board of organisations like IECS and ISLI.

She is currently working and researching correlating life skills with theatre and the benefits of theatre on autistic children.