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K Prathapan

Prof. (Dr.) K. Prathapan


Vice Chancellor
D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University

Prof. (Dr.) K. Prathapan is a highly accomplished figure with over four decades of extensive experience in research, teaching, administration, and management in India and abroad. He currently holds the distinguished position of Vice Chancellor at D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technical University in Talsande. Dr. Prathapan’s illustrious career includes roles as a former Professor at Kerala Agricultural University and as the National Horticulture Mission Director for the Government of Kerala and the Government of India. His educational background is impressive, with a Ph.D. from Kerala Agriculture University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Pondicherry Central University. Dr. Prathapan’s contributions extend to international agriculture research and collaborations, with training exposure in Taiwan, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Throughout his career, he has played pivotal roles in various government organizations and has been recognized with numerous state and national awards, including recognition as a scientist, administrator, best teacher, academician, and reviewer. Dr. Prathapan’s extensive work has also involved mentoring and guiding numerous M.Sc. and Ph.D. scholars, and he has handled substantial research and development projects in Kerala. His professional affiliations include serving as a life member of the Indian Society of Agronomy and as an international consultant to organizations worldwide. Currently, he contributes to the Board of Management at DY Patil Educational Society in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.