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Rajendra Sinha

Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Sinha


Vice Chancellor
Sandip University

Dr. Rajendra Sinha, the Vice-Chancellor of Sandip University, Nasik, is a seasoned academic and administrator with 36 years of experience in various leadership roles in renowned universities across India. With a diverse educational background, including a Ph.D. in Management, he has contributed significantly to academia and administration. Dr. Sinha has received prestigious awards such as the “Jewell of India Award” from the Indian Solidarity Council and the “Nation’s Vikas Jyoti Award” from the Economic Growth Society of India. He is a member of several esteemed organizations, including the Indian Industrial Relation Association and the All India Association for Educational Research. As the Editor-in-chief of “RESEARCH INCEPTION” and an Associate Editor for two international journals, Dr. Sinha has actively contributed to academic publications. He has authored several books on management principles, performance management systems, and marketing management. With 93 research publications to his name, Dr. Rajendra Sinha is a respected figure in the academic community, known for his expertise in management and commitment to education and research.