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Vinayak Deshpande

Prof. (Dr.) Vinayak S. Deshpande


Vice Chancellor
GH Raisoni University

Vinayak Shridhar Deshpande is an accomplished academic and administrator. Currently, he serves as the Vice-Chancellor of G H Raisoni University in Amravati since August 2021. With 37 years of teaching experience, including 12 as a Professor, he possesses extensive knowledge in the field. In his administrative journey, Dr. Deshpande has held notable positions, including Pro Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Officiating) at RTMNU Nagpur, and Vice Chancellor (Acting) at RTMNU. He also led the Department of Business Management and contributed to various statutory committees at RTM Nagpur University. Dr. Deshpande’s commitment to research and academia is evident through his extensive publications, research projects, and his involvement with the UGC’s STRIDE program. As an educator and mentor, he has guided 32 research scholars to attain their Ph.D. degrees. In addition to his academic roles, he has served as the Editor in Chief of ‘ARTHSAMVAD’ and holds memberships in academic associations. His contributions as a reviewer and an executive member of the All India Economic Association highlight his dedication to the academic community.