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Rajesh R. Turakhia

Founder, Director
Frameboxx Animation And Visual Effects

Mr. Rajesh R. Turakhia is the strategic partner who has successfully launched two of the leading brands (MAAC and Frameboxx) in the domain of quality Animation training in India and abroad. His goal was to improve the quality and studio readiness of skilled manpower in the industry. The institutes headed by him has trained over 2,00,000 students over a span of the past 22 years. Most of the studios in India have students trained by him or worked under his leadership. He has also been part of several industry bodies and has been a speaker in many events in India and abroad. He has extensive relationships in the industry and leaders in the industry always come forward to help him in all his ventures. Apart from the education vertical, Rajesh was also handling the state of the art production studio named MEL (Maya Entertainment Limited) as CEO / Executive Director.