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Sathish kumar V

Sathish Kumar V


Assistant Editor
Dinamalar Kalvimalar

Sathish Kumar, an accomplished journalist and Assistant Editor at Dinamalar, embarked on his career by joining the renowned Tamil daily immediately after completing his post-graduation. Starting as a Reporter, his impactful coverage on diverse issues, including education, environment, law, crime, and agriculture, earned him a promotion to Coimbatore’s district headquarters. Specializing in education and environment, he advanced to become a Sub-Editor for the Kalvimalar Division in Chennai. Sathish’s commitment to excellence led him to pursue a course on ‘Environmental and Coastal Management’ by FOJO, Sweden, broadening his expertise. Rising through the ranks, he became Chief Sub-editor and Coordinator for Kalvimalar, organizing educational events and participating in conferences globally. As an IVLP Fellow in 2014, he focused on “Human Rights and Foreign Policy Reporting for Journalists” by the United States Department of State. Currently serving as Assistant Editor, Sathish is also a Google News Initiative India Training Network trainer since 2018, contributing motivational articles and impactful stories on socio-economic issues and the environment.