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Sir Kuldeep Surolia


Sorsfort Group of Schools

Sir Kuldeep Surolia is the Founder Director and Trustee of Sorsfort International School. He is a teacher, academician, author, speaker and visionary with several decades of experience in teaching students from across the globe. An expert on various subjects, he is a firm believer of complete 360 degree holistic education to a child covering Body, Mind and Soul.

Coming from the background of family consisting of teachers, Principals, academicians, writers, government officers and freedom fighters he started his career at one of the Fortune 500 companies – ‘Citi’ way back at the dawn of this century. Later he moved to Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. Before starting his dream teaching project – ‘Sorsfort’ he contributed to Infosys at Moscow, Dubai, Lagos, London to name some of the few places. Under his able teachings, guidance and mentorship, 1000’s of students and parents and teachers have got benefited in not only educating their child but also giving them a direction. As the ‘Head Teacher’ of the ‘Academic Research Team (ART)’ at Sorsfort, he is consistently researching and evolving the new innovating learning methodologies for students.