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Tanvi Drolia

Founder & Director
Cubby Tales Preschool

Tanvi Drolia is the Founder and Director of “Cubby Tales”, the highly acclaimed premium chain of Early Education & Childcare centers based in Bangalore. Tanvi is passionate about Early Childhood Development and has instituted unique pedagogy such as the Integrated Learning and Parent Toddler Programs, incorporating fun methods for learning through tunes, signals, sensation, and inventive exercises among others, where each child’s uniqueness is nurtured, providing an inclusive environment. Tanvi aspires to spread the vision of Cubby Tales across the country with several more high-quality centers in the coming years but does not stop with physical centers. Hosting workshops, counseling sessions, video blogs amongst others, and creating new platforms to provide holistic solutions / precautionary measures to prevailing concerns amongst children are part of the offerings on the way. Being part of Summits as a panelist and speaker, Tanvi aspires to share her story with the world to inspire many to work towards achieving their dreams and rising above adversities in life. Cubby Tales has been recognised for Exemplary Contribution to Education Sector and awarded as the best “Emerging Standalone Preschool” at the “16th World Education Summit, organised by Elets Technomedia Private Limited and Digital Learning Magazine.