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Vindi Pujari

Vindi Pujari is the Director of Nerva Education Foundation, Pune, and Founder Director of Nerva Preschool and Nerva Primary School. Ms. Pujari hails from Udupi, Karnataka, she was born in Baroda, Gujarat, and schooled in Mumbai. She got graduated from Hassan, Karnataka, and procured her Master’s Degree in Food Marketing Management from Manasagangotri, Mysore University. Fuelled with the passion of being around children, Nerva was created in October 2017. Starting this venture single-handedly was filled with hardships, but her never-say-die attitude made Nerva one of the best schools in its first academic year itself. Starting out as a daycare, later they started their first academic year in 2018-19 with 33 students, a whopping number for the very first year. By the next academic year, they had reached almost 100 students.