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Supreetha Gonsalves, AVP Growth at ExtraaEdge, Highlights the Comprehensive Features and Industry Expertise of Their CRM Software

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

“We help digitize the entire process, centralizing leads and automating various procedures,” says Supreetha Gonsalves, AVP Growth at ExtraaEdge, in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSABengaluru #ELSAKarnataka

How are you feeling to witness the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Bengaluru?

I think the setup that you’ve been able to put up here is fantastic. I got to interact with a lot of industry experts, Vice Chancellors. I really like the panel and the topics that have been discussed today. I think the digital space, the colleges, institutions moving from after COVID from a digital tour back to the physical setup – I think this has also seen a different kind of transformation as the way COVID brought the digital. I think it’s fantastic. I really look forward to more of participating in more of the events that you put together.

What is ExtraaEdge offering for the education sector?

So, we at ExtraaEdge, we are a CRM Software. We cater to the inquiry-to-admission journey. The software is primarily meant for communication, marketing automation. We have a digital application, a chatbot on the website, and we’ve also brought in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become a part of the admission journey for students, where you can send across communication, intimations, the last date of application, and other important messages to the student over WhatsApp itself.

What is the mission and vision for ExtraaEdge?

At ExtraaEdge, we’ve set a mission to be the most preferred CRM software by educational institutions globally. With this mission, we want to make sure that we touch every counsellor, every admission officer, and create a beautiful experience for the students who are seeking admission at the college.

What’s the USB at ExtraaEdge?

I would say the first one is high customization. We can be built according to how institutions want it to be because no two institutions are alike. They have different challenges and audiences. The second is industry expertise as we work with 350 institutions globally. The third is the simplicity of the product, making the lives of counsellors and management easier. We offer an extensive array of features, including innovative tools such as WhatsApp and a built-in chatbot. Our product also includes live chat for websites, an application form system, and a two-way communication platform. Our mobile app enhances mobility and streamlines the application process. These features have been developed and refined over the last six to seven years. For universities like Dayananda Sagar University, we provide an outreach app that tracks the activities of the outreach team, including the number of meetings conducted. We have also partnered with institutions like Narayana Group of Schools and Allen, which are known for their large student populations. We help digitize the entire process, centralizing leads and automating various procedures. Our clients prefer us because we offer dedicated support, comprehensive training for counsellors, and valuable industry insights to help them succeed.

Any message or wishes for ArdorComm Media Group on its second anniversary?

I love the fact that you have a very young and enthusiastic team that takes care of the small things. People-centricity is something that will take you a long way. Stay like this, engage with the industry, and we really look forward to more events together.

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