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Swedish Privacy Protection Authority Slaps Spotify with $5.4 Million Fine for Inadequate Data Usage Transparency

Spotify, the music streaming giant, has been fined 58 million kronor ($5.4 million) by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection for failing to sufficiently inform users about the utilization of their collected data. In response, Spotify has announced its intention to appeal the decision.

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) conducted a review focused on how Spotify handled users’ rights to access their personal data. The IMY concluded that the company exhibited deficiencies in this area and thus imposed a fine of 58 million kronor.

As per the regulations outlined in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), users possess the right to be aware of the data held by a company pertaining to them and how that data is being utilized.

The Swedish authority emphasized that Spotify’s provided information lacked clarity, making it challenging for individuals to comprehend how their personal data was being processed and determine the legality of such processing.

IMY acknowledged that the identified shortcomings were relatively minor overall, but the fine was determined based on Spotify’s user base and revenue.

Recently, Spotify revealed its negotiations to make popular podcasts, including Armchair Expert and Anything Goes, available on other streaming platforms. The company stated that it has experienced success through experimentation with show windowing, a strategy it intends to continue in order to strengthen partnerships with leading podcasters worldwide.

Additionally, Spotify announced a reduction of approximately 200 jobs, constituting 2% of its workforce, as part of ongoing restructuring efforts. This follows a previous workforce reduction of 6% (approximately 600 jobs) announced in January.

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