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Taliban’s Government Will Not Receive Acceptance from The International Community; Inclusivity is Evasive

-By ArdorComm News Network

Based on a report by India Today, according to sources, it has been revealed that the International Community has denied the acceptance of the forceful Taliban government as it has not fulfilled the criteria of inclusivity as promised.
“International community will not recognize any power that comes by force. Another demand was of an inclusive government, even that’s not fulfilled. As many as 14 ministers are proscribed terrorists,” the sources told India Today.
They added further, “Pakistan was involved in the government formation, the ISI chief was in Kabul just before the government was formed.”
Speaking about the QUAD Summit, it has been notified that new initiatives on COVID-19 vaccines, climate change and new emerging technology will be unfolded in due course of time.
The US has ruled out India’s inclusion in the trilateral military alliance of the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, known as AUKUS. On the possibility of the dilution of the QUAD’s agenda, sources said, “No comparison between Quad and AUKUS. The Quad approach is not a politico-military initiative. AUKUS is military in nature.”
On the US saying it will allow only fully vaccinated to travel to America from November, sources said, “The US has been more liberal, we have administered well over 800 million vaccines. We are pushing for mutual recognition of vaccination certificates to partner countries. CoWin platform is an open-source digital platform. It provides full details – QR code.”

Source: India Today

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