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Tata Play Expands Globally with Innovative Solution for International OTT Providers

In a groundbreaking move, Tata Play has extended its presence beyond India by offering a white-label solution tailored for global OTT aggregators. This initiative commences with a collaborative project involving the leading Pay-TV provider in the Philippines, Cignal TV. Tata Play, a prominent content distribution platform in India, has introduced the Tata Play Binge PaaS (Platform as a Service) for OTT aggregators worldwide, providing comprehensive development and deployment opportunities.

Harit Nagpal, Managing Director & CEO of Tata Play, highlighted the advantages for partner companies, including access to Tata Play’s extensive experience in areas such as commercial partnerships, recommendation engines, subscription management, analytics, and more. This enterprise solution marks the creation of a distinctive OTT content aggregation and distribution ecosystem.

Tata Play Binge, a service under the Tata Group conglomerate, consolidates content from over 26 apps into a single platform. The company’s primary focus is to collaborate with various OTT partners and acquire subscribers in global markets. Tata Play will oversee the complete technology platform, which operates in the cloud.

While the initial partnership began with Philippines’ Cignal TV, Nagpal confirmed ongoing discussions with numerous international players interested in utilizing Tata Play’s technology solution to evolve into OTT aggregators. Nagpal emphasized the global scalability of the cloud-based solution, making it applicable to regions worldwide, including Africa, South America, South Asia, and Europe.

Tata Play Binge presently boasts nearly a million subscribers, resulting in significant insights into technology, user interfaces, and overall user experience. Many global players have been grappling with the challenge of finding such a solution, which Tata Play is now offering.

Nagpal explained the rationale behind this initiative, stating that since Tata Play has already invested resources in developing the solution, they can become the backend support for entities looking to aggregate content worldwide. While it may take some time for this approach to gain widespread acceptance, it offers economies of scale to all participating OTT players and is mutually beneficial, with Tata Play charging a fee for its tech solution.

This strategic move by Tata Play aligns with the evolving OTT market, which is experiencing substantial growth in user numbers. Entering the global market with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution is well-timed, potentially yielding incremental revenues and a first-mover advantage. Moreover, if content aggregation becomes a global trend, Tata Play stands to benefit by capturing a larger market share.

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