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Top 10 Lucrative Career Options After Class 12 In India

After 12th grade, students begin their journey into higher education. As a result, selecting the appropriate course in order to obtain the finest job opportunities is critical. The first step to having the best job opportunities after 12th grade is to go into a suitable field. Every profession in which a student might pursue a career after 12th grade has enormous potential and scope. All that needs to be focused on is getting into the top courses available after 12th grade. Many students are unsure of what to do after 12th grade and are unable to take a stand and integrate themselves.

In this instance, the best way to decide on a career path after 12th grade is to assess your skills and determine how you can improve them in order to be successful. It is also necessary to be specific in your choices in order to select the ideal course after 12th grade. After you’ve decided on a field, you’ll need to decide the specialisation you wish to pursue. This would determine your future career prospects. Keeping this in mind, here are some intriguing and rewarding career opportunities for learners in a variety of sectors, once they complete their 12th grade education.

  1. Medicine: In India, the medical field is regarded as one of the best and most prestigious. After completing one of the premier courses, students might work as a doctor or a medicinal expert in the sectors. Becoming a doctor is not for the faint hearted, since it demands a great deal of devotion and empathy. Bachelor’s degree courses, Certificate courses, Master’s degree courses, Diploma courses, and Short-term courses are the different types of courses available. After graduating from high school, students can pursue a career as a doctor by earning a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery, and other related degrees. After 12th grade, students can pursue career options and courses that are unrelated to MBBS, such as phlebotomy, pharmacy, nursing, pharmacy, and so on.

Career Opportunities: The medical field is a rapidly expanding and demanding field. After 12th grade, there are numerous employment opportunities available in organisations, hospitals, research laboratories, enterprises, medicines, and other fields. However, after becoming a doctor in any of the relevant professions, you can open your own clinic. ll you need after 12th grade is a proper medical degree.

  1. Engineering: Engineering is a popular course of study in India. After graduating from high school, students may choose to pursue an engineering degree, either consciously or unconsciously. Yes, because some students are influenced by their parents, society, or peers to pursue a career in engineering. In an engineering course, a student can choose from a variety of sub-fields based on his or her interests. Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Information Technology, Computer, and Electronics are some of the sub-fields in which students might pursue engineering. There are numerous colleges in India that provide these excellent programmes.

Career Opportunities: Engineers are in high demand in both India and the rest of the world. Engineering offers a wide range of job opportunities. Engineers can work for MNCs such as Accenture, Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, TATA, Mahindra, and others. They also have a lot of opportunities at government organisations including BHEL, SAIL, Hindustan Lever Ltd, DRDO, and Air India. They can even pursue higher education and study for the ESE or IAS exams. The bottom line is that after 12th grade, you must enrol in one of the premier courses accessible.

  1. Finance: If you’re familiar with terminology like investments, stocks, and securities, pursuing a career in finance after 12th grade is a viable option. After 12th grade, most commerce students choose to pursue a  career in finance. It is not, however, confined to business students; students from science, arts, and honours programmes can also pursue it as a post-secondary study. Accounting, Banking, and Insurance are various areas in the finance industry, so your alternatives after 12th grade are diverse.

Career Opportunities: Beginners and professionals with the correct skill sets can find a variety of career opportunities in the finance industry. Nowadays, there is a wide range of opportunities in this field; accounting and finance professionals are needed in both the commercial and public sectors. After graduating from high school, students can pursue a variety of careers, including Financial Analyst, Actuarial Scientist, Banker, Chartered Accountant, Stockbrokers, Risk Analyst, Economist, and Auditors.

  1. Arts The majority of people in our society believe that after 12th grade, only weak pupils choose arts as a career path. This is not the case, as there are other job possibilities and courses accessible to arts majors after 12th grade. Students can pick the ideal course for them based on their interests. They can pursue one of the finest courses, such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Computer Application, Bachelor of Legislative Law, Bachelor of Business Administration, and many more, once they have passed their 12th grade.

Career Opportunities: After 12th grade, students with an arts background have a plethora of career alternatives. Business managers, musicians, lawyers, dancers, artists, architects, businessmen, writers, fashion designers, and more occupations are possible. They can also work in government areas such as banks, various departments, and ministries. Many Arts students take UPSC, SSC, State PSUs, and Bank exams in order to pursue a career in the bureaucracy.

  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc): Science is one of the most popular fields of study in India. Many students choose science as a major since doctors, engineers, scientists, and architects are among the most profitabl and well-paid professions in India. BSc is a three-year undergraduate degree that can be pursued immediately after 12th grade with PCM or PCB studies. There are two sorts of BSc courses: plain BSc and professional BSc. BSc (Physics), BSc (Chemistry), BSc (Biology), BSc (Botany), BSc (Zoology), BSc (Mathematics), and more subjects are covered in Plain BSc programmes. BSc (Agriculture), BSc (Computer Science), BSc (Horticulture), BSc (Biochemistry), BSc (Animation), and other subjects are covered in Professional BSc courses. As a result, it is one of the greatest courses to follow after 12th grade.

Career Opportunities: After 12th, BSc students in India have a variety of job opportunities. Students with a bachelor’s degree can work in a variety of sectors, including both science and non-science fields. BSc graduates, for example, can work in sectors such as engineering, law, and management. They can pursue careers in a variety of educational institutions, research firms, hospitals, space research institutes, aquariums, the oil industry, the chemical industry, and other fields after completing their secondary education. Teachers, chemists, scientists, enumerators, lecturers, and research analysts are all part of the job description.

  1. Journalism:  Journalism is the art of gathering, organising, and disseminating information to the general public. Students can pursue this degree after completing their 12th grade because it offers the best employment opportunities. This art of information presentation can be done in two ways: print media and electronic media. After 12th grade, you can pursue a B.A. in Mass Media, B.A. in Journalism, BSc in Journalism, and so on.

Career Opportunities: Journalism is a challenging career choice nowadays. In this field, there are a variety of job opportunities available after 12th grade. You can work for news networks, entertainment channels, publications, and news agencies, among other places. You can also work in news organisations as a news correspondent, editor, feature editor, blogger, columnist, or news anchor. Students can, however, pursue higher education in Mass Media and Journalism, which are the most popular disciplines.

  1. Fashion Designing: Fashion design is one of the most innovative post-secondary course possibilities. Fashion design entails the use of creativity, design, production, fabric, texture, and clothing quality. Following your 12th grade, you can begin a Fashion Designing course. Bachelor in Designing and BSc in Fashion Designing are the best programmes available in India.

Career Opportunities: In today’s environment, fashion design has a lot of potential. In this field, there are numerous job opportunities available after the 12th grade. This field is not only tough, but it also pays well. In the fashion sector, you can work for design houses, boutiques, textile mills, media houses, leather companies, jewellery stores, garment stores, and so on. Costume Designer, Graphic Designer, Cutting Assistant, Personal Stylist, and Technical Designer etc. are among the jobs available in this field.

  1. Chartered Accountant:  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is in charge of Chartered Accountant and training programmes in India. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI) is in charge of ensuring that CA courses and education in India are of high quality. To become a CA, students must pass all three levels of exams: CPT, IPCC, and CA Final. It is one of the greatest courses available to business students after 12th grade. Chartered Accountants’ primary responsibilities include accounting, auditing, and financial management. As a result, you could conclude that this is a difficult, but not impossible, career path to pursue.

Career Opportunities: In India, CAs have a wide range of job choices. After 12th grade, they have a variety of job options in both the commercial and public sectors. Nowadays, most businesses engage CPAs to handle their tax and financial concerns efficiently. They also have a lot of potential in finance firms, law firms, banking and insurance firms, investment banking firms, stock brokerage firms, and corporate houses, among other places. They may pursue careers in disciplines such as finance planning, risk assessment, and budget management, among others, after receiving additional education and experience.

  1. Law: The Law is one of the most important aspects of our constitution. In India, a student’s only option for legal education is to pursue a law degree. After completing this degree, students are hired as lawyers. Bachelor of Law, Integrated Undergraduate Degrees like BSc LLB, BA LLB, and others are the top law degrees accessible after 12th grade.

Career Opportunities: In India, law is regarded as a prestigious professional option. According to the Bar Council of India, qualified lawyers are in high demand in India. Lawyers can now work in a variety of corporate and public sector departments, ministries, and legal consulting firms and organisations. Legal Advisor, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Government Lawyer, Judge, and Document Drafting Lawyer are all examples of job descriptions. It is a fantastic professional option to pursue after 12th grade.

  1. Teaching: Education is essential for a country’s development and growth. We live in a society that highly values and respects teachers. In India, teaching is seen as a noble profession. As a teacher, you may find that teaching is a tough and difficult vocation. Teachers not only provide academic development to pupils, but also groom them with skills such as value education, personality development, and so on. In this field, the finest courses after 12th grade include BSc, B.A, B.A + B.Ed (integrated programme), B.P.Ed, and so on.

Career Opportunities: In a country like India, teaching has a lot of potential; this is a lucrative rectifications, professional path. As a result, there is a significant demand for highly qualified teachers. There are numerous opportunities in the teaching field. Jobs, on the other hand, are dependent on the professional course you choose. Teachers can work in educational consulting firms, schools, and colleges, among other places. As a professional alternative, they can open their own coaching centre. They can work as Nursery Teachers, College Professors, Primary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, Higher Secondary Teachers, Assistant Professors, and so on.

Conclusion: These are some of the ‘sought-after’ courses to pursue after class 12th in India. Gone are the days when only studying science, medical or engineering were seen as lucrative. Nowadays there are ample of opportunities in various fields. You have to follow your passion and enhance your skills in order to become employable. Apart from these 10 streams of higher education there are several others as well, you can opt for the one according to your interest by choosing your niche. There are also many vocational courses available. Since its about your future, so think wisely and research a bit before choosing the stream of study. You will definitely excel in your career!

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