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Ujjwal Joshi
Ujjwal Joshi

Ujjwal Joshi, AVP Sales, DigitalEd India shares the vision of the company

“Our platform name is Möbius and it is helping faculties and reducing their efforts and changing the learning experience of a student,” says Ujjwal Joshi, AVP Sales, DigitalEd India in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

Would like to understand more about your organization?

We are a Canada based EdTech company who is transforming digital education in India. So, in India digital education has been perceived as an online education or live classes but that’s not exact what does it mean, it actually means you are engaging student and student can have day-to-day lectures with them till the end day of the semester and it can enhance student performance. So, that’s what we’re bringing in, we are changing the entire ecosystem of Indian academic culture which is very popular outside India, so this is a new technology in India and that’s what we are doing with our platform. Our platform name is Möbius and it is helping faculties and reducing their efforts and changing the learning experience of a student. So, this is a sort of shift we are bringing in India.

What’s the application of this learning, is it an AI based or a video-based learning?

If we go little ahead of AI and video based it has everything, it is concentrating on student learning regardless of what student expect from an institution. I give you an example, an engineering student when he goes to an engineering institute he thinks he’ll change the world, but he ends up memorizing everything that’s not the point, his learning should be very high. So, AI is of course helping but we are focusing on student perspective and helping him to learn more and of course our platform has a math engine working behind so this math engine has AI inbuilt and it also helps students to know where he is heading wrong to understand a concept, so we are targeting a small point and taking it to a bigger wherein he can actually contribute with it through his branch to the country, so that’s what we are doing.

Which kind of educational institutions are your target customers, whom are you looking to tie up with?

We are targeting K7 to K12 so we want to strengthen the concepts of a student and Science and Engineering from that level and Higher ed of course engineering colleges, science-based courses and research-based courses so all technology-based courses we have our strong hand.

Any plans going ahead may be three years down the line?

Our plan is to approach and enhance the distance education program down the line in three years because in India distance education program are perceived as less effective than regular programs, their importance is little lower. So, what we are planning is to increase the effectiveness with our digital notes, dynamic testing assessment. So, this is our long run plan also coaching institutes so coaching institutes are playing vital role what they’re doing is they are preparing student for this higher education but a student has a very less material online available. So, we are giving all power to the student on their mobile so that they can practice more, they can learn higher and they can contribute more to the country.

What are your takeaways in these last two days event?

This is a beautiful event I will surely give a thumbs up to you guys because I have had a great chance to listen to the most prominent people from the industry and speak to them and I would like to contribute more in such events wherein the sort of people we are targeting, they’re coming here and getting engaged to each other. Also, we got a chance to interact with other EdTech companies how they are contributing and how we can collaborate with each other and create a win-win situation in the market and create a value for the customer also because creating value for the customer is more important for us.

Any message for ArdorComm Media Group?

You guys are doing great job, first of all you are creating an ecospace wherein people like us can directly meet to our customer in a lesser value. I mean if I hire a team there so it will get me a higher cost, but I get to meet more than 100 people in two days, get a bigger funnel and get a collaboration around also, so in a two days’ time we have achieved a lot. So, I really appreciate the effort you guys are putting and I would like to contribute more in such events.

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